We take this very opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturers of the world acknowledged   Wind Turbine Ventilators. The turbine ventilator is manufactured under stringent quality check at every state of production. The material used for manufacturing turbines major components are tested, treated, formed and assembled as per the existing industrial specification and standards.
Wind turbine ventilators are to substitute/replace the existing powered/motored exhaust fans. Running cost of motorized exhaust fans can be eliminated by implementing wind operated turbine ventilators which does NOT REQUIRE MOTOR, WIRING, OPERATON OR RUNNING COST!

Turbine ventilators which are light in weight can be mounted on to any existing industrial roofs with ducting without disturbing the existing structure. Wind ventilators require only the normal wind speed available to function and perform.

Once in wind powered motion it creates a suction, which pulls out gases, dust, fumes, odor and many more industrial hazardous irritants from the covered area.

Acknowledged by industrial giants world wide as a revolutionary product with no cost of maintenance for life.

Wind which is in ambience is clean, fresh and pure will supply and maintain your work area clean and fresh.

Turbine ventilator improves productivity due to the fresh and healthy air your industry and staff breath…

Turbine ventilator performs for the full 365 days and 24 hours continuously utilizing only wind energy…

All weather aluminium structure of the product withstands wind speed of 120 km/hr and is water proof.

Specially designed aerodynamic vanes are strong by structure and light in weight. It is designed to achieve maximum wind energy utilization and performance of exhaust suction.

Vanes prevents water entering the turbine by means of under grooves provided for water spill deflection.

Having a wonderful product and purpose, we are confident of solving your existing ventilation problem.
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