Can a Suha Wind Turbo Ventilator lower utility bills?
A Suha Wind Turbine Ventilator can dramatically reduce rising energy costs by exhausting super-heated air trapped in the attic and replacing it with cooler outside air. It takes our Wind Turbine Ventilator less than five minutes to reduce attic temperature by as much as 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
How much money can be saved by installing a Suha Wind Turbo Ventilator ?
A cooler attic eases the strain on your cooling system by reducing attic temperatures, which then can lower electricity costs by as much as 25 percent.

Can a Suha Wind Turbo Ventilator extend the life of a roof?
Absolutely. When extremely hot air is trapped in the attic, it can cause heat damage to roof sheathing, felt and composition shingles. Most composition-roof-shingle manufacturers require adequate attic ventilation to validate their warranties.

What factors are important to remember prior to installing Suha Wind Turbo Ventilator?
When you use Wind Turbine Ventilator , other attic exhaust ventilators should be sealed off. A minimum of 600 square inches of net free air provides adequate free intake air. This prolongs motor life and insures optimum efficiency.

Are Suha Wind Turbo Ventilators durable?
Every roof-mount Wind Turbine Ventilator is built to last. Our specially designed Wind Turbine Ventilators are among the best available. Suha Wind Turbine Ventilators are engineered and manufactured to comply with our strict specifications and standards.

What kind of quality goes into a Suha Wind Turbo Ventilator ?
All materials used to manufacture our products are rigorously tested for quality. The galvanized, plated steel, and aluminum components are thoroughly checked to meet all specifications. A heavy gauge galvanized steel grill insect and bird protector is utilized on all roof mounts. This is far superior to screen wire or hardware cloth utilized by other brands.

What kind of safety features are included with a Suha Wind Turbo Ventilator?

Every Suha Wind Turbine Ventilator is thermally protected, and have been extensively tested by the manufacturer .

What does a Suha Wind Turbo Ventilator do?
It removes moisture-laden air in the winter and super-hot attic air in the summer. The turbine spins with the slightest breeze, creating an upward draft which draws air out of the attic and increases over-all comfort in the installed area.
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