Wind driven ventilators are designed and engineered to exhaust Industrial pollutants such as smoke, dust , poisonous gases ,humidity, fumes, heat and many more invisible irritants from the covered area. Turbine Ventilator provides a safe, cool, healthier and more controlled environment by removing the entrapped heat and industrial emission ensuring the health of workers, thus contributing to an increase in workers productivity.
With Turbo Ventilators provide energy free cooling and fresh air through out the year, this system functions and performs with the unlimited energy source like wind energy thus saving running cost exhaust fans, wiring, maintenance etc.

Wind turbo ventilators does not require operating time, continuously in motion with the wind removes moisture laden air in the winter and extremely hot attic air in the summer. Spins with the slightest breeze, creating an upward draft which draws air out of the attic.

Industries emitting excessive heat can damage roof sheathing, felt and composition shingles. A cool attic turbine ventilator can vent much of these hot emissions and replace with the fresh air from outer, there by preserving the life of the roof. Wind turbo ventilators are acknowledged by Industrial giants' world wide. More than 1 lac industries of Worlds most developed countries have moved ahead with wind powered turbine ventilators and found professional and ultimate solution for Industrial air ventilation problems.

The turbine ventilators are specially designed and manufactured with out most care to meet or exceed exacting Industrial specification and standards. Rigorously tested to ensure durability and performance in extreme temperatures and high winds.

The turbine ventilators come with heat and friction resistant Teflon cap. The Teflon cap is for revolutionary free floating effect, air movements lift and separates the turbine from the central shaft, resulting in nearer friction free motion.

The turbine ventilators come with S.S. Central shaft which maintains rigidity under heavy stress and load factors. G.I tri bar stabilizes the central shaft and tri bar support to ensure equal weight distribution and reduce stress of fastening joints.

The turbine ventilators Vanes are made of bright Aluminium, 26 pieces of double curved vanes are specially designed for maximum weather durability, maximum wind driven efficiency and rain spill deflection.

The turbine ventilators ducting parts like, throat adaptor, base adaptor and base flange are made of aluminium material strength tested to ensure structural integrity. Suha Wind turbine ventilators are made of SKF bearings for quiet and accelerated rotation.
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